Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Our "Buster-Boo-Bear" is Four

Gavin was on the bobcat helping his Papa tear up our driveway a couple of weeks ago. We were tired of the blacktop in our backyard that we were not using and decided to get rid of it. Only now we have a bunch of gravel. If anyone has a dumptruck full of topsoil just bring it our way. Gavin has also joined the world of ATV riding, bike riding and golf since his birthday on June the 18th. Hard to believe he is already 4. He is learning to ride and swing the clubs.


David and Mandy Hartley said...

Yay! I'm so glad you are on here now! I'll add it to my weekly session of reading everyone's blogs! I'm so excited! We will be up there in Aug. and should all celebrate our 30ths together! (including Holly, of course!) Love ya and miss ya!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys! I am SO excited you have a blog!!! I think it does make it a little easier to keep up with each other sometimes. You all look so beautiful! Keep up the great work--

Love and miss you!!!