Sunday, December 19, 2010


Since when did we become so blessed?
Well, as you can see, the kids are growing up quickly.

Boo is 7.5, he plays football for the Franklin Cowboys (he is the center for the c-blue team), he loves to practice hip-hop and break dancing at the DC dance factory, he is an amazing reader (4th grade level), and loves to learn as a first grader.

Tay is 6, she is an amazing artist, is a wonderful kindergartener, loves to dance and tumble at DC, has a great fashion sense, loves being a big sister, and really enjoys her quiet time w/o others around.

Squirt is 3, she LOVES the color purple & her Big Daddy, is very sensitive when it comes to her five senses, has two boyfriends, always wants to be first for everything, and she loves to dance with her friends at DC.

Bubbles is 15 months, she hailed her name b/c of all the spit bubbles she created, she is walking, talking, loves her silky night-night blanket and giving shuggies (ie kisses), such the cuddler & climber, and she absolutely adores her big brother and sisters.

As for Chris and myself, we are pinching ourselves. Well, not everytime...
I am very into my Zumba workout and have lost almost 80 lbs since having little bit. I enjoy spending time with my girlfriends, my children, and driving the mini-van all around town. Learning how to cook for six people, stay up on the laundry, dishes and keep the house clean. I am figuring out how to tap into my crafty side and still stay on top of it all. Not too much, right?

Chris is a fantastic husband. He really enjoys his job and that makes for a very happy man. He also loves his children. It really is amazing to watch him and listen to him when the babies are around. They just adore him and the feeling is mutual. He is spending time with his friends and going to the Titans games as well.

We both ran in the Country Music Half Marathon this past spring and we really enjoyed it. Kind of thinking we will do it again this next year.

And for those wondering, the Reid Crew has hit it's max. We are so pleased with the four children we have and can honestly say, we are and always will be a family of six. Six very healthy, happy, and blessed Reid's.

Thank you for checking up on us. It is my goal for 2011 to journal on here with the daily in's and out's of the Reid Crew.

Let us know what you think. We'd love your feedback.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Has it REALLY been almost ONE YEAR?!

This is so hard to believe!!!! I am going to vow to be better now that school is starting back. I sure did love the blog. It was a great way to put all of my thoughts onto "paper" and reflect. I will post lots of pictures soon and let you see how we have grown. Here is a photo from Fripp Island of the four of us. Love you all!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tweeking The Blog

So, I have been wondering how I could make the blog more inviting for me to want to add posts. Well, this is one attempt. I am going green. Feeling a little froggy...

Here are the kiddos a few months ago playing in Tay's bed.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bella Flora Photography

On one of the HOTTEST days in August, we met with our photographer, Stephanie Drummond, for our maternity photo shoot. We LOVE her work! She somehow knows how to capture our family's true personality.
Stephanie suggested we take photos all along the Downtown Franklin street scape and I have to say, I am pleasantly surprised with how well the photos have turned out so far. We usually take our photos out in a field or somewhere grassy, so this was a nice change.
Please feel free to comment below and let us know what you think.
The children are in awe of the parade of motorcycles going down Main Street.

Now they are ready to smile.

Notice how different their personalities are...

Chris and I are, of course, critical of our lower halves. However we love this one of the babies!

Are you kidding me?! LOVE this photo. This is our Moses basket that we have used with our other babies, the blankets in the basket are symbolic to us, and the three stuffed animals represent our three babies holding the ultrasound of their newest sister. Stephanie did an amazing job with this idea.

Our sweet Tay Tay. This is SO her! Gotta love the Lilly dress!
Our little Squirt Muffin in her Lilly dress. She looks so precious!

Our Kindergarten boy. Piggy Toes, Buster Boo Bear giving us his best look.Last, but not least, the Mama. Notice my non-make-up face. Gotta love the natural freckles.
Thank you Bella Flora Photography for letting me post these first few proofs.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mountain Juliet & Friends for Life

Below are photos with our friends, the Hodges. I have previously posted about our friendship before, so I will just sum it up here. We will be friends for life. They are the kind of friends you don't have to talk to everyday, you just have a bond that goes deeper than that. We LOVE them!
I love Jennifer! She called me out of the blue one day asking how I felt about having three kids. That only ment one thing...
I am 33/34 weeks & she is 29 weeks along. What FUN!
Here are the Hodges' and Reid's.

When they called us to let us know they were driving into town for a weekend, we said we would move a mountain to see them. Just name the date, time and place. They said game on. The location was set and Mt. Juliet it was. When we told the kids where we were going, Tay promptly started calling it Mountain Juliet. Love the new name!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Egg Hunt Anyone?

Wow! It has taken me quite a while to get back to my blog and for that I am sorry!
Below are pictures from our Easter Egg Hunt at Fluffy and Giggy's house.
We sure did have a BLAST looking for the egg with money. :)
Best Buddy looking for eggs
Fluffy with her camera ready to a-t-t-a-c-k
The Bissinger Bunch (with the new little Isaac Calvin)
My little Squirt-Muffin-cup-a-roo-roo and her excited face
Her serious face
Can you see how tight her legs are wrapped around this basket full of nummie-nummies?
My ever-so-handsome husband of mine
Can anyone spot the diva-divine in this photo?
The Reid Crew

Love this picture! We sure do love getting together and when we do, it looks like this. You can only get a couple of us to look at the camera. Heaven forbid we all what is asked of us. This is the perfect picture of happiness. Notice how the boys wore white shirts and the moms have some sort of black on and the little girls have pink on. Not planned one bit, yet love it!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Reid's 2nd Birthday Party

We had so much fun at Reid's birthday party & Easter egg hunt.
It was great to see the family as well.
G-Pa with Boo, Tay and a sweet girl who is a friend of Reid's
Reid, Squirt, Tay and Boo

G-Pa, Uncle Daniel, Daddy and Boo
Me-Me and Eli

Tay Tay and MeMaw
Boo and MeMaw
Tay and Granddaddy
Eli, Reid & Tay with Mike, Granddaddy and MeMaw
Boo with Granddaddy

Where is Mary Poppins?

Good Friday brought some serious storms to middle TN this year. One positive thing they brought to our house was a very windy day and excellent conditions for kite flying. Papa brought over an awesome kite for Boo and he to say he was chopping at the bit to fly it would be an understatement.
All I could think about is when the winds change Mary Poppins moves on to another house...maybe mine was next.
Spiderman was scaling the tallest building...i.e. tree
Check out the clouds
The view from our front porch. Boo was LOVING this weather!
(Just ignore Bonnie on the street.
We were working in the driveway and needed the room.
I swear we don't keep her there.)
He had a blast tugging the kite and making Spiderman dance!
So we are in the process of moving furniture and the china cabinet is part of the process. Needless to say, I had all of our Wilton out and the girls took a liking to it. Not only that, but the glass beads used in the bottom of flower vases...they found a LOVE for those as well.
Where is that Mary Poppins?
I need a spoon full of sugar right about NOW!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Anyone Up For An Egg Hunt?

We were SO EXCITED to go to the Brentwood Academy Alumni Easter Egg Hunt this year. This is the first time we were able to attend and we were so glad we did. Uncle Matt-Mew and Aunt Peaches had baby Isaac Calvin the weekend prior to the hunt, and we wanted to lighten their load by inviting Ella Grace to come along with us. Fluffy and Giggy brought this sweet angel along for the fun and we were ever so thrilled to have her!

Here the three of them are right before the festivites began.

All three, ever so pleased to be with the Easter bunny.

Squirt giving Ella Bella her lovin's & Fluffy's doing something funny in the background

Squirt is trying to figure which toy would be the most fun
The pink bunny of course!
Boo showing off his cool new tattoo
Boo and Ella with their matching tat's
Boo about to catch some eggs
Tay's on a mission for some eggs
She is elated to find so many!
Yippee! More eggs!
Daddy and his dear friend from high school, Matt and his daughter
Tay and Ella rocking
Boo and Ella rocking
Daddy and Squirt with another great buddy, Ryan and his little girl
Daddy and Squirt with another friend from high school, Russ.
The three sweet babies walking hand and hand
beautiful baby girl, Ella
Squirt with her Fluffy
Daddy and his Qwirters with the exact same face
Qwirters at the bunny toss
Qwirters looking precious
Holding her two favorite things.