Sunday, December 19, 2010


Since when did we become so blessed?
Well, as you can see, the kids are growing up quickly.

Boo is 7.5, he plays football for the Franklin Cowboys (he is the center for the c-blue team), he loves to practice hip-hop and break dancing at the DC dance factory, he is an amazing reader (4th grade level), and loves to learn as a first grader.

Tay is 6, she is an amazing artist, is a wonderful kindergartener, loves to dance and tumble at DC, has a great fashion sense, loves being a big sister, and really enjoys her quiet time w/o others around.

Squirt is 3, she LOVES the color purple & her Big Daddy, is very sensitive when it comes to her five senses, has two boyfriends, always wants to be first for everything, and she loves to dance with her friends at DC.

Bubbles is 15 months, she hailed her name b/c of all the spit bubbles she created, she is walking, talking, loves her silky night-night blanket and giving shuggies (ie kisses), such the cuddler & climber, and she absolutely adores her big brother and sisters.

As for Chris and myself, we are pinching ourselves. Well, not everytime...
I am very into my Zumba workout and have lost almost 80 lbs since having little bit. I enjoy spending time with my girlfriends, my children, and driving the mini-van all around town. Learning how to cook for six people, stay up on the laundry, dishes and keep the house clean. I am figuring out how to tap into my crafty side and still stay on top of it all. Not too much, right?

Chris is a fantastic husband. He really enjoys his job and that makes for a very happy man. He also loves his children. It really is amazing to watch him and listen to him when the babies are around. They just adore him and the feeling is mutual. He is spending time with his friends and going to the Titans games as well.

We both ran in the Country Music Half Marathon this past spring and we really enjoyed it. Kind of thinking we will do it again this next year.

And for those wondering, the Reid Crew has hit it's max. We are so pleased with the four children we have and can honestly say, we are and always will be a family of six. Six very healthy, happy, and blessed Reid's.

Thank you for checking up on us. It is my goal for 2011 to journal on here with the daily in's and out's of the Reid Crew.

Let us know what you think. We'd love your feedback.

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Mindy said...

Absolutely amazing and beautiful. What a blessed woman you are! Those little ones are gorgeous! And so are you sister! :)