Thursday, April 16, 2009

Anyone Up For An Egg Hunt?

We were SO EXCITED to go to the Brentwood Academy Alumni Easter Egg Hunt this year. This is the first time we were able to attend and we were so glad we did. Uncle Matt-Mew and Aunt Peaches had baby Isaac Calvin the weekend prior to the hunt, and we wanted to lighten their load by inviting Ella Grace to come along with us. Fluffy and Giggy brought this sweet angel along for the fun and we were ever so thrilled to have her!

Here the three of them are right before the festivites began.

All three, ever so pleased to be with the Easter bunny.

Squirt giving Ella Bella her lovin's & Fluffy's doing something funny in the background

Squirt is trying to figure which toy would be the most fun
The pink bunny of course!
Boo showing off his cool new tattoo
Boo and Ella with their matching tat's
Boo about to catch some eggs
Tay's on a mission for some eggs
She is elated to find so many!
Yippee! More eggs!
Daddy and his dear friend from high school, Matt and his daughter
Tay and Ella rocking
Boo and Ella rocking
Daddy and Squirt with another great buddy, Ryan and his little girl
Daddy and Squirt with another friend from high school, Russ.
The three sweet babies walking hand and hand
beautiful baby girl, Ella
Squirt with her Fluffy
Daddy and his Qwirters with the exact same face
Qwirters at the bunny toss
Qwirters looking precious
Holding her two favorite things.

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