Thursday, September 6, 2007

Friday Night Lights

Yippee! Can someone say "Football Season"? I sure do love this time of year! What a great night! I can not tell you how precious the kids were that night. Must have been the thrill of the game to bring out the energy in them. Tay was the dancing diva and G-man loved watching the plays from under the scoreboard.
You see, the stands were SO full that we (and many other football fanatics) were bringing in lawn chairs & blankets just to catch a glimpse of blood, sweat and a good 'ole fashioned Williamson Co. game.
Here we are,sitting on a blanket in the Brentwood Academy in-zone. What more can you ask for? Great weather, plenty of energy, and a great memory.
Here are my three favorite people in the world! I know you are saying to yourself, "I only see Daddy and G-man." Well, if you look close enough, there are a pair of little legs between her Daddy's. Tay wanted to be right up there in all the action. Both she in G love football! Some qualities are fun passing down, others don't need to be mentioned!

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