Thursday, February 14, 2008

Christmas at the Skating Rink

Tay with MeMaw (12/16/2007)
I have to say that until I married into the Reid family, I had never heard of Christmas being done in a skating rink. Now, I have and actually it was a rather incredible tradition. I am sorry to report that this might have been the last year for the entire Reid side to get together at the skating rink. You see, MeMaw sold the rink this past year (2007) and I am not sure we will get to carry on the Carthage tradition. Nevertheless, we had an excellent time and not to be forgotten.
The above picture warms my heart for many reasons. You might know why if you know my husbands background with roller skating. He is one heck of a roller skater, however it goes beyond that fact. He is teaching his children how to skate on the same floor he learned to skate on. And from the stories I hear, he was even younger then these two are. Whenever you get him near a wooden surface with wheels under his feet, he can show you come moves. (I have been wanting wooden floors in our house and now I am questioning it per the above sentence.)
Nevertheless, I am posting pictures from our Christmas memories.

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