Thursday, April 3, 2008

Original Wine Club Girls

Mrs. John Michael Motgomery
AKA: My Friend, Beth Findley Motgomery on her wedding day.

These are my South Carolina sisters. I am so grateful for these ladies open arms. When I moved to SC, Beth and I were placed at the same school for our first year. I am forever thankful for her friendship. She and I started the wine club along with her roommate Kelli and their friend Jamie. Then came Kelli's sister Suzy. In the picture below, it is Jamie, myself, Kelli and Suzy. Can anyone spot the only woman in the group that has children? Not too hard of a question...I know. But that is just one of the many reason's why I love these girls. They love me no matter my figure. :)

Now standing next to me is Jill. Jill is another teacher in SC. She is also a great girlfriend & preggers with her second child.
Stacie and Mollie are now members of the wine club.
Here is a group shot. Micheal and Beth had a beautiful and super fun wedding. It was well worth the trip from TN to SC. I have many more trips in me. These girls are extra special!

Here are Jamie and Trent along with Chris and myself. We just love them. Trent and Jamie are such dear people. They have a great heart and we are honored to be there friends.

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The Muldrows said...

Brooks, it was so good to see you and Chris at the wedding! We miss you guys!