Saturday, August 2, 2008


These really are random photos put together because I didn't want to have to write different posts for them.
#1 - Squirt is enjoying a bath for the first time.
Since she has fallen in love with sitting up & can sit up well, she is now bathing this way.
We were just holding her in the shower because we couldn't stand for her to cry in the tub.
#2 - Squirt eating at Tossed

She loves eating in her seat.

Squirt also loves eating Cho-Cho's.

#3 - My sweet Boo Boo and Tay Tay having a shoe sale in our messy basement.

This is a precious memory for me. We were having so much fun just letting them play and not caring about the mess they were making.

Our conversation went like this:

Boo: "Mom, we are selling these shoes for a $1 a pair."

Me: "Really! I can buy every pair. I am so excited! I have never been able to purchase EVERY pair of shoes in a store before."

Tay: "Well, now the shoes are $10 a pair"

Me: "What? How did that happen so fast?"

Boo: " I think they are $100 a pair now, but you can still buy them all"

Me: "Man, inflation affects everything!"

#4 - Squirt is eating everything!

I mean everything!

I can not take my eyes off of her these days.

She puts everything in her mouth.

#5 - Squirt is also starting the crawling phase.

She does the worm instead of the crawl.

I think I am the reason she isn't crawling yet.

I am totally NOT wanting her to crawl yet.

Every time she starts to show signs, I am putting her in the sitting position. :)

#6 - Evidence.

Here is one of the many pieces of evidence.
Squirt is into eating books, baby dolls, food, cars...etc.
You get the point.
Keep things away and off the floor if you don't want her to eat it.

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Amber said...

Hey Brooks!! I found your blog via Stephanie's! Adding you to my bloglines now.


PS Your kids are too cute!!