Monday, December 15, 2008

Snowy Day

I know I don't post much, however please know it's because I am spending my days and nights being a mommy and a teacher to my kids. I am cherishing every moment I get with them and I am not taking it for granted. I love my time with Daddy as well. Thank you for all being so patient with us and I will start to update more often. I have got some updating to do! :)All three in the snow.

Squirt enjoying the moment outside
Tay loves the snow

Boo had the most fun I think!
I will post more pics soon. :)


Tanya said...

"I have got some updating to do!" Hmm, that wouldn't by any chance mean you have an announcement for us, would it? ;-)

Jennifer said...

Beautiful, beautiful kids- just like their Mama!!! We miss you so much- what is this comment Tanya left? Clarify please!!! J

The Reid Family said...

Not preggers, if that's what you mean. I mean teaching at home, being a mom to the three I have here and spending time with Chris when he's not working. He's worked all his days off, so he's not been home much. :) Love you guys for checking in. :)