Friday, May 30, 2008

Happy Early Birthday To Me

What a wonderful way to spend the night before your 31st birthday. (My real b-day is May 31st)
My most wonderful husband made me feel on top of the world tonight! I loved being on such a great date with my Mr. Big! I couldn't have felt any better. We had Grammie and G-pa watch the three kids, went to CVS to get our snacks, and then off to the movies.
This movie has helped me reach my 31st birthday without such a big lump in my throat. I have been dreading this day since the first of May. Now, it's not so bad.

Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte were incredible. The movie took me for a ride. Not at all what I had expected (if you go see it, you will understand). Although, the clothes, shoes and interior design in the apartments did not let me down!

I sure do love my life! Just as it is. Nothing more, nothing less. Chris and I were talking last night about why this birthday of all birthday's has been the difficult one. Thirty-One. There were many reasons, however I have so much to be thankful for that after a wonderful night and a great intro into tomorrow, I am looking forward to the next thirty-one with my Mr. Big and my most incredible children. Also, thanks to all my friends and family who have made me feel special by the phone calls, IM's, and email. You guys are the best!
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