Saturday, May 31, 2008


My wonderful husband and sweet children got me these beautiful flowers for my birthday.
Notice the card below.
Daddy said that Boo had to get this card for me. It is designed after the "city" girls. He must know the theme of the day.
The inside is what is most special. Tay wrote in cursive. Boo told me he wrote every letter correct except the W was suppose to be a M. That is what makes it more special than if it was all correct and we moms & dads know that.
Clothes. Enough said. No really, the black piece is the skirt, and the other two pieces are tops. Lately, I have this urge to be one with the earth and live a "cleaner" life for my children. Now comes the clothing relavance...the pieces are made from...
I know. Organic Bamboo? The clothes feel incredible. I can not wait to wear them! Thank you daddy and babies.
Now you are wondering what I am doing with this picture. It's my folding table. It's folded in half with the legs inside. I am so excited! It's the perfect table for all of my hobbies. :)
Happy Birthday to Me.

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