Thursday, September 4, 2008

First Day Of School

My sweet babies were so excited for their first day of school yesterday.
Boo is going to be attending pre-k at the Reid Academy & Tay will be at the day school.
Boo and Tay were told to smile for the camera & they decided to pose this way.
I just love it when they love each other so much!
Tay Tay and Kay Kay are the best of friends!
We are so thankful they are in class together.
These girls are just precious when they play with each other.

Tay Tay's Teacher this year is Ms. Nancy. We are looking forward to our year with her. She is going to be perfect for our little Tay Tayter Ree!

Here is a photo opp for the ages. I asked Ms. Nancy if she could take a photo of us three. She did and I am so glad. I realized I don't have many photos of the four of us. Much less the five.

Squirt rarely smiles for strangers due to her studing them until she feels like she can figure them out. If Ms. Nancy can make Squirt smile, then she is going to do great with Tay! Thank you Grammie for the kids clothes for their first day of school.

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bethology said...

Awww...your kiddies are so sweet!!!