Thursday, September 25, 2008

Take Me Back to St. George Island

This is why I am 21 days behind on our blog.
I am mentally stuck.
The title says it all.
Chris and I have bee saying that life is just different there.
Even though dishes needed to be done, laundry had to be washed & folded, things had to get picked up, and children didn't miss a meal nor a nap...things didn't seem overwhelming.
There is something about this Island that is closer to heaven. Time didn't move as fast. You didn't mind waking up early because you knew it ment that you were going to be outside.
The children were angels.
Fluffy and Giggy were able to join us last minute, so that might be why the previous statement was true.
Needless to say, St. George Island, we will be back.

There will be more pictures to follow.
I need to tend to this house now.
No more denial.


Tanya said...

I feel your pain sister. We got back from the beach 3 weeks ago and it took a while to get back in the groove (and quit wishing I were still there.) But the tan faded way too quickly!
Enjoy the memories! :)

David Hartley said...

I'm commenting here b/c the video of Chris does not have a link to comments. You are so mean! Poor Chris! ;) You know we've all been there. Seriously, that was too funny.