Tuesday, January 27, 2009

This Must Get Easier

So sorry for my lack of posting. I really don't have a great excuse. I can't even use the excuses of parenting, cleaning, sleeping, or exercising.
Without further ado, here are some photos to update you all. :)

This photo is of Tay. She asked me to take her photo and I was surprised at how much she looks like Farah Faucet as a Charlie's Angel. Scary!

This is a photo of Squirt muffin. Qwirties as we affectionatly call her is smiling in this one. Yes...that is her smile. She makes this face when she sees her #1. That would be her Daddy for those of you that are wondering. I am chopped liver.

The sweet angel behind her is her cousin, Addie Rose. Uncle Matt-Mew and Aunt Peaches littlest one...for now.

This is a photo of my sweet buster boo bear! He is all grows up in this one. Boo really does smile. Promise. Looks more like his Daddy to me every day. :)

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