Monday, March 3, 2008

Grammie & G-Pa @ Fluffy's & Giggy's

With that title, one might think I was writing a children's book. And with that idea, I just might. However, I am just describing a weekend night with the fam. Very interesting I might add. You see, we always have a great time and are very appreciative that our families get along as well as they do. We are also very blessed to live so close to all of them. Close = within 15 min to be exact. Needless to say, we love watching the grandparents interact with each other and with their grandchildren. What a treat. I told you in the previous post, she always knows the camera is on. Too precious!
You might be wondering what the pile of close is for in the first and second photos. My dear friend, Amy S., has two wonderful little girls who have out grown their clothes. It is now time for the excellent consignment sale at our church and before she consigned the clothes, she let me pick the ones I wanted to purchase from her. What a HUGE help that was on our budget! So, needless to say the pile was the awesome amount of "new" clothes for Tay Tay. Do you think she is happy or what? I know I am!

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