Monday, March 3, 2008

High Ho, High Ho, It's Off To The Zoo We Go!

What a gorgeous day it was in Nashville! Daddy and I were more excited about the Zoo than the children, I do believe. As you can see below, Daddy and I were accompanied by a cheerleader, a pink squirt, and a soccer player. We were the talk of the zoo with the cutest children. We were also 1 of 1500 people there. We had a great time anyway.
And for the record. We had a snow day on Wednesday followed by 77 degrees on Sunday. Gotta love Nashville!

Squirt Squirt is in the stroller w/o her car seat for the first time and loving it!

We love the giraffes!
Looking at the birds. I love the bamboo forest behind them!The bamboo adds the best background! G-man is telling daddy all about the monkeys.

This is the non-smiling portrait.
Hold-on tight!

The caution tape adds a nice effect-don't you think? Or wait maybe the minivan?

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