Thursday, October 16, 2008

Six Things About Me

I have been tagged by Jamie for the Six Things About Me.
Without further ado:
1. I am a vegan. My whole family is vegan. We love it! I never knew how many alternatives there were until I started shopping at Whole Foods. Maggie Moos is missing their best customers...who will take our place?
2. I would love to start my own vegan bakery. With the dairy/egg allergies & people wanting alternative options, I think it would be great. Nashville was ranked 9 on the worst cities for vegans. A bakery couldn't hurt.
3. I have a crazy eyebrow-the left one (my left). It turns blond in the summer and remains lighter throughout the year. I wish you had the same.
4. I would rather have my eye poked with a pencil than clean my house. If you know me well, you know this is true. Speaking of, I am writing on the blog instead of cleaning...see, I can be productive and still not clean. Wishing you were me right now...
5. I can pick up almost everything with my toes. I love going barefoot! Don't get too jealous...
6. Born and raised right here in middle TN. Nashville, Brentwood & Franklin-it's quite odd really. This area has changed so much, yet still has the same feel to it. So many want to be musicians and career changes bring in a new crop of people daily that it's hard to find those of us that were born here. I did move to Lexington, SC for the soul searching time in my life. It was way to brief and I am still dreaming of moving back to the SC beaches. That will have to be when the kids are all in college...thanks to Vandy. :)

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