Monday, October 20, 2008

We Need You!

Prayer Warriors
We need all of you to pray for Squirt
She isn't feeling well
I am writing this at 2:51am because she has the worst diaper rash I have ever seen
Chris and I are to the point of tears
I am watching her sleep on the floor of the den without a diaper on
-in hopes that the open air will work wonders
This is because we cannot change her diapers fast enough before she has another bout of diarrhea
Her skin is so raw-it is open and oozing
She screams in pain when we go to clean her
She also has a rash all over her trunk and back
We suspect that might be from her 103.1 fever this past week
We were on our knees praying to God for Him to heal her and please show us what to do
So, please prayer warriors, this might sound petty to you however we need you to pray for healing for our sweet muffin cup a roo-roo

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