Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sweet Prayer Warriors

To all our sweet prayer warriors,
A BIG thank you! Squirt Muffin Cup is taking a turn for the better. We are now have two nights behind us of no poopies (during night time hours) which in turn is allowing her hiney to heal ever so slightly. During the day, she still is having diarrhea, so the healing process gets slowed down. I am now bathing her in baking soda which helps. And every time I allow her to roam around the house without her diaper as to allow her hiney to breathe, she allows her hiney to poopie. This never ceases to amaze her Daddy that I haven't caught on.
So, to summarize, we are so very appreciate of your prayers. I have really enjoyed having you stop me and ask how Squirt is. You all warm our hearts! Also, that you for all the offerings to help. And for those of you who did...THANK YOU! The dinner (b/c you know I had to hang up my Superwoman cape for a day or two), grocery shopping (b/c who wants to clean up isle 7? Really? Not me!), calls, messages, and prayers...they all mean the world to us! We are so blessed to have wonderful family and friends! You all are the best!
Much Love In Christ Who Strengthens Us,
The Reid's


Holly said...

Hey Brooks, Lucas had HORRIBLE diaper rash that nothing would help. I tried the baking soda and all that too. Finally the dr. called in what they call Happy Hiney to a pharmacist that does compounding. So, I had to go to a special pharmacy and it was like $32 for only about 1.5 ounces but man, it worked like a charm! It was awesome! Good luck, I know how hard it is to clean them up when they are crying and in such pain!

Jennifer said...

I am so behind (no pun intended) on blog reading!!! Oh Brooks! I am so sorry that you have been having to go through this... (you to Chris). When Tyler had NICU diaper rash, they told us to slather on chap stick, then butt cream, then top off with Maalox- or any antacid stomach med. It neutralizes the burn and really heals quickly. I am going to call you this weekend!! Love J