Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Gentry's Farm-October 14, 2007

We made it to Gentry's Farm this year. This was the first time we have attended this incredible event. We have heard so many good things about it, however we felt like the children we not old enough to "get it", so we simply didn't go. Now it will be attended by the Reid's yearly.
One of Chris' football coaches at BA was coach Jimmy Gentry, so this event also had a special meaning to him. Here the famous coach sits with Chris and the kids. Well, Tay and Gavin we not so sure, however Chris and Mr. Gentry are all smiles with the reunion.
Another cool aspect is little cousin, Ella, came to the farm and surprised us! Here she is in her USC Gamecock cheerleading outfit. Doesn't she look precious?!
Oh, the tire swing! As you can see in the picture above and below, Gavin and Tay loved the tire swing. I forgot about having so much fun on the tire swing as a kid until I saw their faces. What fun!
Now it is time to go pick our pumpkin and leave. I just love this photo. Daddy walking with his babies. What a sweet moment!

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