Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Where do you go for a '91 Bonneville headlight and taillight? October 27,2007

Why Pull-A-Part of course! You see, after the Church Halloween festival the night before, Daddy got pulled over for not having a working headlight and taillight. The policeman was nice enough to let him go with a "I use to have an old car as well" sad story. Once we all arrived back at the house, we were frustrated that NONE of the local car part stores carried the parts for a 1991 Pontiac Bonneville so that we could fix 'ole Bonnie Blue.
Well, THANKFULLY there is a local Pull-A-Part ("junk yard" as Gavin calls it). The catch is you have to go out on the lot (ages 16 yrs and over) and dismantle the car on the lot yourself in order to purchase the parts you need. Daddy grabs his tools, pays the cashier a $1 and heads off into the wild car yonder - not to emerge again until 2-3 hours later. Oh, but when he came back, We saw the biggest smile on his face and a crate FULL of parts for 'ole Bonnie Blue. Talk about our lucky day.
The photos above show you what children 16 and under do to bide our time. In one, Tay is playing up the camera and the other she is flexing her muscles while Gav-man observes a strong cheerleader.
The photo below shows the cheerleader helping her father install the "new" part for Bonnie. We won't get pulled over for lack of effort now. She actually is in "better" shape then when we drove to SC for her purchase. Good 'ole Bonnie got a face-lift!

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