Thursday, June 5, 2008

Art Class 101

Today's Project:
The "We're Never Going To Use The Fireplace" Face-Lift
Who says you need to go to fabulous places for vacation?
Home experiences are WAY more affordable!
As you can see we just decided to prime the fireplace for painting yesterday. Oh, and the boys went and got the same "summer 'do". Back to the picture at hand. (No pun intended)
I wanted our friends to see what we are doing on daddy's vacation week. Notice daddy art work style is different from his children's. My two older children do exactly as told. When daddy said, "Paint the bricks", they both painted the bricks and bricks only. Daddy and I like to think of this as following good directions. :)
Some of you might be thinking, "Tay is in shorts. How did this happen?" We did have some melt downs, however anything is okay once you get to make a mess.

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Emily said...

Are you sure Gavin is painting - it looks like he is making handprints -LOL! Have fun and if Chris gets "bored" after finishing all the projects at your house, tell him there is plenty to do at our's!