Monday, June 30, 2008

Lions, Tigers, and...Elephants, Oh My!

Who doesn't love the zoo?

We sure do! I think we were made to hang around the animals.

On Friday, my good friend from BHS, Mandy, texted us to go to the zoo with her and her little girl, Lucy. We had so much fun! I am so glad she asked us to hang with her.

The children just love the elephants and look how close they are to us.
We were so excited to get to see them up close and personal.
A little too personal and we'll leave it at that.

Squirt was enjoying the stroller full of cho-cho's.

As you can tell, she is in the "relaxed mode" for the stroll.

This elephant was so beautiful. We loved how "she" stretched out her trunk and back right leg.
It was very fitting seeing as how, Mandy and I took dance back in the day and our girls seem to be following in our footsteps.

Mandy and Lucy looking cute together.
My two monkeys.

I told you we belong at the zoo.

Can you tell we are in awe of the meerkats?

Still relaxed.
The meerkat and Tay are having a conversation.
This picture was taken right before the meerkat fell asleep.
Mandy and I cracked up laughing at how easy it was for him to fall asleep.
Guess we weren't that entertaining.

In the above photo, the children are at the alligator pond.

Lucy is asking Boo for his hand to help her get down.

He eventually notices and does help her get down.

They three of them really do get along so well.

The Leopard is sound asleep and we were just happy to be able to see "him" up close as well.

Seeing "him" asleep reminded us to get ours home for a nap as well.

Lucy, Boo and Tay are all perched up on the Lion statue.

A little history as to why we wanted this photo.

Both Mandy and her husband Mickey, went to BHS with me. Mandy and I were ADPi's and Chris and Mickey were SAE's (these are both college sororities and fraternities) but at different colleges. What is so neat about that is the mascots for both are lion's. So, we really are lion's.

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