Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Happy 5th Birthday - Gavin!!

Wow! Can you believe it? Boo woke up this morning telling me his legs are longer, he has gotten taller, and that he can run faster now. He also told me that he was no longer a small number for now he can hold up his whole hand to tell me how old he is.
I am having to fight back the tears as I type this. God is SO good to Chris and myself. We are blessed beyond belief. This sweet angel, our first born is now five. I truely can not believe it! It feels like yesterday (sorry, here's where I sound like my mother) I took five pregnancy tests, Chris came home from the night shift and said, "honey, you can stop that, the tests are accurate you know?" Well, needless to say, you know the rest of the story. He's here, in perfect health, and the cutest boy I've ever known.
I ask them to smile for the camera and here we have the prom pose. ;)
And here is Squirt celebrating Boo's birthday. :)

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