Friday, June 27, 2008

Papa's Lake House

The weekend following Boo's birthday was quite eventful.
Uncle Matt-Mew, Aunt Peaches, and cousin's Ella Bean and Addie Rose joined us at Papa's lake house in Muscle Shoals, AL. We had a blast.
I stayed indoors and maned the babies so they wouldn't get sunburned, listened for the sleeping babies, tried to catch up on summer reading (ie... Skinny B*tch (eating vegan), Food Allergies, and The Great Man (never finished, though attempted)), and enjoyed being away from home.
The pictures below are just a couple of shots from the weekend.

Here is our friend Charlie Brown. He was perched next to the steps on the dock. We learned that if you respect Charlie Brown, he will respect you. Everyone needs some sun-time without being disturbed.

Papa is taking Boo and Tay out on the water in his new canoe. Notice how Gavin holds the paddle? He picked that skill up rather quickly.

All I can father like son.

The love for the water, fast vehicles, shirts on, and great hair runs deep.

The princess. She loves the water as well. She just loves the quality time with Daddy. She wasn't yelling, "Faster Daddy" like her brother was at full throttle.
Humm....Addie Rose and Gracelynn Lee are thinking about something, just not sure what.
They both enjoyed jumping together. Keep in mind that they are three months apart.
They are both squirts in their own right.

Uncle Matt-Mew has Ella Bean out on the jet ski. I promise.

You just can't see her.

She is there.

Aunt Peaches and Ella Bean.

Uncle Matt-Mew, Aunt Peaches and Ella Bean.

Addie Rose was in bed asleep or she would have been ready for the photo op. Promise.

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