Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Blue Bear Comes to Franklin

Our dear friends surprised us with a visit on Monday. The infamous Blue Bear made a special trip to Franklin and we had to see him. Needless to say, it was a long overdue visit and we felt the overwhelming need to make a special trip to Knoxville in the near future.
A little history on this friendship that is so special...God is so good! We purchase a house in Spring Hill back in
March 2004. Tommy and Jennifer were already living in the house across the street with the red door (see picture). Well, needless to say, we struck up the best friendship and have fallen head-over-heels for this family. God placed us in the right house at the right time and I know he put them in our lives for a reason! You see, I didn't know I was preggers with Tay (aka S.T.~courtesy of J and T) and they were incredible in helping us with Piggy Toes and Tay Tay. All while we were living across the street.
As you can see from this picture in our old garage, Jennifer was always willing to lend a hand with the kids and secretly was wanting to start expanding her family. Needless to say, they have been such great friends and we never hesitate to call each other. It is not the same as going across the street for a cup of sugar and staying an hour to chat, however you take what you can get.
Selfishly, I wish that Tommy would graduate from his Dr. degree and move back to Nashville, but I know that is a long shot. I really do need Jennifer back in my life in a major way. She keeps me grounded. Not that I ever get a big head or think I can control anything or's just that she knows me. You know, like that back of your hand knows you. Like I said, God knows that I need her in my life.
Here is a photo of Tommy with the kids. Tyler is only 8 months younger than Taylor Marie. His coming into the world was anything less than eventful. That will have to be whole 'nother post.
Can you say that my children like to pose for the camera?

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Anonymous said...

My eyes are suffeciently watering now. I love you and miss you so much. We loved the visit- even if Tyler was being less than cooperative. He obviously did not realize we were at the house of our friends who scaled our back yard fence to retrieve our belonging when I went into labor. We love you just isn't enough- I will have to find a new word. Jennifer, Tommy