Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Saturday Mornings

Welcome to Farmers' Market at the Factory of Franklin! This awesome gathering of local farmers/craftsman is how we start our Saturday mornings. We love supporting our community! We love Hatcher milk, local honey, fresh veggies and fruits, and local meats. What a great way to show our children about giving back to your community.
Not only do the children love the food, they also love the live music! There is a great band of local talent showcasing their skills. This is always a hit with my two music lovers. One would think the 100+ heat would detour this love of music and fun at the market, however we keep coming and enjoying it all!

Now once we leave the market, we need to conquer a home repair task. This involves our "you can do any task you set out to do" store, Home Depot. Who doesn't love the Depot? Well, if you think our two could not possibly love a store that is "way over their heads" you are wrong! As you can see, you just need the FUN cart!

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