Friday, August 17, 2007

Come Sail Away

Papa, Nannie and Kay Kay invited us down to their lake house for Papa's and my shared birthday weekend. Here are the pictures of the fun that was had.
Gavin learned to love Jet skis, Gatorade, fishing and wearing a life jacket (it had Scooby Doo on it).
Taylor Marie learned to love the sun, her little bathing suits, riding the boat, fishing and sitting at the dock of the bay watching the time roll
Did I mention that Chris loves the lake? I really think he would live on the lake as long as it was within thirty minutes of Vandy Children's for call. He loves the jet skis, the boat, the dock for fishing and well, really everything!
I am more of a beach girl, just because I know that there are not any snakes in the ocean. I say that because we saw one there and it taught me NOT to fall off the jet ski.
The children played to their hearts content and could not get enough! I had snuck into their rooms to take pictures of them napping. Of course, Tay woke up and posed for the camera while Gavin was off in dream land somewhere.

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