Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Daddy's Home

There is nothing like it!!! When daddy comes home-it almost compares to Christmas morning! You would have thought he hung the moon (well he really did-we all know that!) the way we all react to his homecoming. I just love the sound of excitement in their voices when they hear the chimes of the door opening. Today when Chris got to his parents house (where we were), the house was filled with happiness! He can not get too far without the children right there (as seen in photos). Can you tell they are all in the same chair together?


Anonymous said...

AGGGHHH! Finally have had a chance to sit down and really look at your blog- LOVE IT. I am teary at how big piggy toes and S.T. (you know what that stands for) are! TaylorMarie looks JUST like you Brooks- especially the look in her eyes. Watch out! Miss you tons- Love Jennifer

David and Mandy Hartley said...

I cannot believe how much they have grown since Christmas! TM is a little lady now! We hope to catch up with you this weekend if there is time! Love ya!