Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Who Says You Can't Fill Your Day With FUN?

What is The Farmer's Market without friends? We had a BLAST on Saturday with our friend Elijah and cousin Ella at th market. As you can tell it was another beautiful(oh, yes, hot as usual)day, so getting up early to do our shopping was a must.
Following our shopping trip, we went to our dear friend, Conner's birthday party. As you can see Gavin and Tay had another BLAST! We were at Pump It Up in Brentwood, and the kids were on an adrenaline rush! Tay couldn't stop moving around and I swear Gavin's hair looked like he had just gotten out of the pool he was sweating so much! Chris had to enjoy the Super Slide with Tay, even though he was about to slide right on top of her.
Ceanna and Tay were just so adorable with their "funky" socks, I had to take a picture. The two of them are so precious!
Our friends from the morning activity were invited to the party also, so needless to say, we had an entire day of fun!
One of the great things
about moving back to the town you are from, is the odd chance you might run into a very dear friend you lived down the street from.
I have been so blessed for God to have placed in my life, not once, not twice, but many times the opportunity to run into Kelly R. as my dad calls her.
She was (and still is) a very near to my heart friend. We lived so close to each other that we could walk to each others house and when we got older, we rode our bikes there and back.
Now, Kelly has two boys. The oldest, Conner is Gavin's age. They youngest, Will, is less than a year old. Pictured with Kelly is her son Will and her mom, Mrs. R. I love this family and we are so thrilled that our children will now have the same opportunity to form a friendship such as ours.

Now for the birthday boy and Gavin's photo. They are so precious together! I just love this picture!

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