Thursday, August 23, 2007

Is It Fall Already?

Look at my precious Boo Bear! Isn't he just adorable? I am so excited for him to start soccer this fall. He had his first practice on Tuesday. We really like his new coach and his new teammates.
Since I love soccer, I am really excited he is learning gross motor skill, getting his energy out, learning how to share responsibilites with other team members, and getting in shape all at the same time. Chris and I are learning the ropes with not speaking up when we notice him doing something "not correct". We keep looking at each other saying, "The coach will notice and he will correct him." To remind us of our "place". Case in point: The pictures shows the coach stretching while sitting on his hiney and holding out his right arm. You can see that my child is sitting on his green soccer ball while holding out his left arm. Paying attention? Why yes, we are, we are just not listening to what he is saying.
Now, there is my Tay Tay. She is the most patient little one on the sidelines. She either sits on the sidelines or gets up and dances. You can see Gavin in the background doing a drill while Tay is turning around and around.
Yes, that is the lovely TN grass we are standing on. Franklin is on a mandatory water use restriction due to the lack of rain and HIGH HEAT. Today was well over 106*F. The heat index was at least 115*. I promise you the "grass" is more like pine needles. You can't sit down or fall down or else you will have cuts on your legs and arms.
All this to say, "Is it REALLY Fall already?". School is back in session and Metro is running 1/2 days due to the extreme heat. This weather has taken a toll on our outside activities.

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