Saturday, August 25, 2007

In Need For a Trim

We started out our morning with Daddy getting his haircut at Dave the Barber in the Factory and ended the morning with the kids getting their first haircut at a "kid's" place. We have been going to our dear friend Mrs. Lori for our haircut. Mommy is growing out her hair and the kids hair, so we haven't had a cut in SO LONG! With all the heat lately and the kids starting school, we decided this morning for a trip to a hair cutting place. (It also helped that we had a buy one get one 1/2 off coupon).Here is my sweet muffin cup getting her hair trimmed. I love how her hair curls up all over the place. I think she is just down~right adorable!
Here is my buster boo bear getting his hair trimmed. His hair looks so good longer around the top I think. He is getting to be such a sharp looking boy. Not just my sweet baby boy anymore. Now, this picture cracks me up. We are in the parking lot and I ask them to stand next to my sharp looking Caddie for an "after" shot. Looking at this picture it looks to me like Gavin is posing behind his sister like a bodyguard. It says, "You mess with her, you mess with me!". I sure do love these precious babies!

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