Saturday, August 25, 2007

Would You Like Fried Rice with that?

So, we got the call from Grammie and G-Pa Friday for dinner. If you know us at all, we are always looking for a good dinner out of the house. (Hince why Chris and I are not very good at losing weight!) Grammie reminded Chris that he was going to be treated to a free dinner because he was the only one to properly place the needle and draw blood while she was in the hospital.
We love Shogun's in Cool Springs, so we packed up the car and went.
Here is a picture of us at the table. I was sitting next to Gavin, so for those that judge (you know who you are), he wasn't flanked out there all by his big boy self. As you can see, a hibachi grill and I are tight! The kids love the shrimp, Chris loves whatever comes his way and I am a fillet girl! From the previous posts, you know that Grammie is the one who makes the awesome surprises with her sewing machine. Here you have yet another example of her handy work. She informs us that she has a surprise for the kids, so we proceed to her car. The kids are on full alert for something spectacular and Grammie doesn't disappoint. She takes out the Spiderman pillowcase with GAVIN embroidered on the side, and a Lightin' McQueen and 'Mater pillowcase with TAYLOR MARIE embroidered on the side. (Yes, for those wondering why that type~Tay did request something in that fabric. She loves the movie!)
Needless to say, we came home shortly after and they we already undressing and redressing their pillows.
Grammie loves to make scrub hats you know and since her lovely son has a big 'ole head, she is always trying something new. Here is Chris' newest hat and a great shot of him with his dad. We had a wonderful night! Thank you Grammie and G-Pa!

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