Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fourth at Fluff's

What an awesome Fourth of July we had.We hung around the house, unloaded the POD in our driveway, worked very hard getting ready for our yard sale the next day.
That night at 5pm we arrived at
Fluffy and Giggy's for fellowship and food.
We love both of those can't you tell?
Getting back on track...
Boo, Tay, and Ella donned bathing suits and went out into the backyard after we ate a delicious meal prepared
by F & G.
The three of them were absolutely precious!
Fluff and Uncle Matt-Mew were the helpers out in the yard.
Daddy was holding Squirt while Aunt Peaches was holding Addie
No need for them to get wet. They really just wanted to talk to each other.
I was talking about Addie and Squirt, you know.

Fluff holding Ella while Tay tries to drink the water

Addie sitting up like a big girl

Daddy and Squirt smiling at Mommy

Uncle Matt-Mew and Ella holding hands wondering what my two are doing
And there is the answer.
Tay is eating her wet hair. I am working on that one, I know.
Boo is holding the sprinkler trying to fix it.

This conversation was great.
They always make fun of me (side note*I know I sound twelve in that statement)for talking with my hands, however I captured it on film, they are talking with their hands too!

I love this photo of the two of them

Now we are done. It was the perfect way to celebrate The Fourth Of July.

We did not need to see the fireworks, just laugh at each other (we seem to be very good at that), play together, hang out with the ones we love, and then go home to a cozy bed.

Maybe next year we will throw in a couple of card games.

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Emily said...

I love that picture of Chris and GL - they even have the same little crooked smile going!