Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Water Baseball

Boo and Tay have been having a great time playing water baseball.
Boo received this game for his birthday party and they love it!
We would highly recommend this outdoor fun for any child.
I just hope the mosquito's won't come with your game.
Needless, to say, it comes with ours.
Boo is posing and Tay is trying not to eat her hair
He is so precious to me
This is a perfect shot.
He hit that ball out of the yard!
I love how the water looks like it was cut with the bat.

Tay is trying to drink the water and wet her hair.

Not concerned with the bat and ball.

The look before he hits the ball out of the yard.

Tay with her best attempt.
Back to the licking of the water
Tay finally getting the hang of the sport.
This game is a hit!
(No pun intended)

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