Thursday, July 24, 2008

William Key Cortner

Welcome to the world, Key Cortner!
This sweet angel was born July 13, 2008.
Look at how beautiful he is.
He is just waiting for a kiss from me, isn't he?Seriously, I am in love with these toes!

Here is Key's sweet mama, Kate.She looks so beautiful!
I told her you put my "pajama's for two weeks" rule to shame. :)
And yes, Tay had to get in this photo.
How do I look as a mom of four?
Squirt is looking at me like I'm crazy, so you don't have to.
This is Blake.
He is Key's daddy. Key's mama is holding squirt muffin.
She kept saying, "Wow, this is what we will be doing in 8 months."

Here are some photos of Key's nursery.
Kate is an interior designer, Mary Kay director, & a new mom,
so she has her "stuff" together.

Key has the coolest room in the house!

Now for the kitchen.
I am in love! This is the cleanest, most beautiful post-pardom kitchen I have ever seen.
For a first time mom, Kate you get the I have my Sh*t together award!

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Tanya said...

You would look fabulous as a mother of four. My vote is "yes"!... Not that you were taking a poll or anything... :)