Saturday, July 19, 2008


This photo was taken with my phone.
Sorry for the poor quality. :)
Many of you have asked how our little Muffin Cup is doing. She is MUCH better! Thank you all for your prayers of healing. When the Dr. said that this can be caused by an allergic reaction, Daddy Bear and I thought that we had "sterilized" the house of all egg and dairy products. However, come to find the "Natural Flavor" in the margarine is a milk derivative. Well, needless to say, we were pissed! All the hard work and effort on our part and now THIS?! So, back to square one in our efforts and a more careful eye when shopping and eating out.

By the way, Olive Garden is not careful in the kitchen with the allergies like other restaurants we have been to. Thank goodness we are not deathly allergic to dairy or else I wouldn't be here.

We are now back to eating dairy-free and egg-free and all is well with the Reid's.

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