Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Can't We All Get Along?

Their reflection is on the wall.
They truly are larger than life.
I looked over into our entry way this morning because the children were being awfully quiet.
Boo had lined up all of his toys on the table and was having a discussion with the men.
Batman said, "Isn't it great we can all get along?"
Whatcha think batman?
Isn't the monster truck cool?
"Come in Star Command. This yellow bird is creeping me out. He claims to be Big, yet he is shorter than my knee cap." said Buzz Lightyear.
The Hulk says, "I will crush you with my very long arms."
We will be holding hands and singing later in the day.
You should all stop by for tea with Batman.
I hear he has a great gathering.


Emily said...

This is funny! I was actually going to post some pictures of Cate doing the same thing last night but didn't get around to it. Look forward to seeing my child's OCD behavior tomorrow!

feather nester said...

That's sooooo funny! I love it.