Sunday, July 27, 2008

My Interpretation

You all know that I adore my husband.
With that being said, I have found these pictures on our camera & I want to attach a caption to each photo using my understanding of why he took such pictures.
It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words.

I really don't know if some of these are worth that many.
Red Shirt guy,"Hello fellow SAE alumni, I am here to pay my dues."
Alumni at the table, "Let the hazing begin!"

Red shirt guy, "Dudes, I am also an alumnus."
Alumni at the table, "Oh, right...right...right. Does that really matter?"
Red shirt guy is paying his dues.
Fellow alumni behind him, "Sweeeet! We love a good goat ride! Did you bring the beer?"
Oh look, Reid Dogg is here!
Everyone is too busy getting there drink on to notice orange-stripe-shirt guy thieving a hat.
Thanks Dogg for catching this on film!
I don't that grown men can do three things at once.
Drink, smile and stand up straight at the same time.
Oh, wait this group is having trouble with the above task.
The natives are getting restless.
Starting to wonder if they are ever going to actually play golf.

Blue shirt guy,"Hey we are suppose to be standing.
Get up before the others see you."

Quick! Hide your can!
The golf cart police are coming!

Man, That was a close call!
I bet they won't find it now.
Now, this one could go many different ways.
How many slightly intoxicated men can drive/ride safely in a golf cart on a blistery hot day?

Does the above photo look like the parade is near?

The Tin Lizzy's must be back at Opryland!

Do you have 1-800-safe-auto?
What about Aflac?
You will need it if you wreck into my cart again going that speed!
Dude, my underarms are so sweaty!
Did you bring your antiperspirant or a fan?

My secret with dry underarms is to hold one arm up and one arm out.
Try it, it works.

Now is this a butt shot or what?
Oh, wait, we are looking at the form...right?
The peanut gallery.
Not doing much, that I can see.
This is a golf game, right?
Then how come the blue-hat-guy doesn't even have a golf club in his hand?
Dude still doesn't have a club in his hand.
Maybe he is exempt from this hole...yeah, that sounds good.
Oh, this is a great picture.
I am cart.
Someone famous?
Must get magnifying glasses...

Guys in cart, "Dude, that's the women's tee?"
Guy walking back to cart, "Shut up! It was my second shot!"
Who else is thinking micro-machines?
*Seriously, Reid Dogg had a great time hanging with his fellow man on Saturday. He was also happy to be home from his 3rd and final golf outing this year. Well, he did say that he will take Boo to play & of course, I chimmed in, "me too!". Who knows if he thinks I serious.

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