Friday, July 4, 2008

X-Rays and Breathing Treatments

The title is correct.
On Wednesday, July 2nd, Squirt had to go in for x-rays and breathing treatments.
I did not foresee this happening when we went in.
It took two hours from start to finish.
*Side Note*
I have three amazing kids.
Boo and Tay had the best time playing with all the toys in the Dr's office.
Tay took the addition and subtraction game and pretended to make invitations for her birthday party in November.
Then she took the phone to call everyone she made the
invitations for and did follow up calls to ensure her guests were coming.
Boo was reading all the books, stacking blocks, etching on the etch-a-sketch,
and made sure his baby sisters were okay.
*Now on with the details*
Squirt had been coughing for over a month now.
She was getting worse over the weekend-think smokers cough.
Took her in Monday, June 30th, the Dr. thought bronchitis.
Went home with a z-pack and some Zyrtec (in case it was allergies).
By Wednesday, I thought Squirt was a smoker.
The Dr. personally called me back ( that's why we love him) and said he needed to see her.
Now you are caught up to the beginning of the post.
The x-rays came back clear so thankfully she didn't have pneumonia.
Now she has something labeled reactive airway disease.
So, we are giving her the rest of the Z-Pack, Zyrtec,
an oral steroid (to reduce the inflammation), and breathing treatments.
Man, that is too much for my little muffin cup!
Anyway, this is what we have to do to get her better.
Squirt is doing better today.
She has had some rough patches, however she is trending in a positive direction.

Boo and Tay in the Dr's office
Squirt muffin holding the camera ready to take a bite
Here she is with her breathing treatment

Finally okay with it


Kim said...

I sure hope that little one gets to feeling better quickly!

Tanya said...

Aww, how is her cough now? Sorry I didn't read this until just now. I hope she's feeling much better. I know that's hard on Momma too, when babies are sick. :) (She is beautiful, by the way!)